Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting started

Hello, all.

Well, I finally got my stuff together to start this. Eventually, I'll put up a ton of stuff about Alysia, her writing, photos, poetry and such. I've begun work on a new video which pulls from early family video as well as later stills and maybe some voice, depending on what I can deal with. Feel free to comment, or send me stuff to put up. I'm going to move/copy (eventually) the few things from Johnny's Garage over here, so this will be the permanent place for all things Leeshie.

To start with, here's a link to the short memorial video. I will put up the long one too, but there is a lot of overlap. And I am working on editing the video of the memorial itself, but I can only do it a little at a time.

Alysia Short Memorial Video

Love to all.

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  1. Yogi, thank you for doing all the work for our girl.